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midnightcities said:
hey there! I was wondering if you could explain what exactly a jelly polish is and suggest some of your favorites? thank you so much! I love your blog (:

Sure thing! Hope this helps. A jelly polish is a very sheer polish that either is not meant to be opaque, or take many coats to be opaque. It can be a very clear color or a murky/milky finish if that makes sense. The polish I used in this case, Essie Marshmallow, is pretty close to opaque in 3 coats so if I wore it on its own, I could get it basically solid in three coats. So you could call that a milky jelly! But most traditional jellies are the other kind, the totally sheer kind that isnt meant to be solid and opaque. Here are some examples!

OPI Big Hair..Big Nails

OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold em

Revlon Victorian

OPI Houston We Have a Purple

Claires Candy Shop «this one comes with glitter already in it, but you can see that the glitter is a little obscured by the pink. This is kinda like a jelly sandwich in a bottle!

I honestly dont have too many jelly polishes, I only own two of the ones I listed above, those were just ones I could think of off the top of my head. I’m sure if you google something like “jelly polishes” or “nail polish glitter jelly sandwich” you could get some results, but I gotta go to sleep! I hope this helps! And thank you for the kind words :D

DAE hear the words to Pearl Jam’s “Deep” as…

"In too deep, gandalf the bon bon" and not (the real lyrics) "in too deep, cant touch the bottom" ?

Seriously, gandalf the bonbon.

question i keep asking myself..

Why in the world havent I tried water marbling with my Orly Happy Go Lucky collection? Those colors go so perfect together. And, considering the absolutely ridiculous amount of polish I have, I don’t have a lot of complete collections. This is one of the few I do have in its entirety. It begs to be marbled. It’s a mystery why I havent given this a go yet. But the whole messy factor always shoos me away from marbling..sigh.

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